John Pohl

Playoff Beards Oil on canvas 30” x 40” 2015-18

Pohl. Playoff Beards

Jordan Bay in Moonlight, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36

Jordan Bay in Moonlight, 2017, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 36

Booting It to Wellington oil on canvas 30” x 24” 2018

Pohl. Booting it to Wellington (1)

Flowers for Algaeman Oil on canvas 24” x 30” 2018

Pohl. Flowers for Algaeman


Du 10 au 17 septembre 2018

John Pohl

A Concordia graduate in painting and drawing, he counts 1950s’ comics and 1960s’ comix among his influences. He suggests alternate realities in abstract oil paintings through a combination of suggestive forms, dark humour and colour fields.

Un diplômé de Concordia en peinture et en dessin, il s’inspire de bédés américaines des années 50 et 60. Ses peintures à l’huile abstraites évoquent des réalités alternatives grâce à un astucieux mélange de formes suggestives et de champs de couleurs, le tout teinté d’humour noir.
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Une sélection d’expositions

2018 — Miracles Wait Until the End. … Ah oui?,  with Joanna Abrahamowicz, Myriam Allain, Lilija Gedvila and Barry McPherson
2017 — Fun and Flowers, with Cynthia Davis at Studio Davis in St-Henri, Montreal.
2015 — Products from the Mind Factory, with Barry MacPherson at Point of View Gallery of the l’école d’art Pointe St-Charles, Montreal.
2015 — Still Life Restated/Nature morte: mis à jour, Beaux-arts des amériques, Montreal.
2014 — Montreal, Views of the City, Beaux-arts des amériques, Montreal.
2010 — Galerie 514, Belgo Building, Montreal
2006 — Abstraction Show, Galerie Sandra Goldie, Westmount.
2004 — Stronger than Fiction, Chez Léo, Montreal.
2004 — Ce que la pelle a trouvé, with Janice Tayler, Galerie les Nouveaus Barbares, Montreal.
2002 — Art Eruptions, Galerie 418, Belgo Building, Montreal
2000 — The Boy Who Went Bad, Galerie 1040, Montreal
1987 — Canadian Social Trends, Club 23 Below, Saskatoon
1987 — The Farm Show: a Documentary, AKA Gallery, Saskatoon.
1983 — Anson House Group, Cultural Exchange Society, Regina.


Other stuff

1983 — Travel grant, Saskatchewan Arts Board
2010-17 — Visual arts critic for the Montreal Gazette
2016 — B.F.A. with Distinction in Painting and Drawing, Concordia University