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Martin Dansky portrait
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Martin Dansky se consacre activement à la peinture depuis 1977, adoptant
pendant ce temps divers styles et techniques, toujours disposé à
découvrir de nouveaux thèmes vibrants et multidimensionnels.
Il a peint en Italie et a récemment cessé d’être un naïf – figuratif e maintenant fait les œuvres abstraits. Son but est de continuer l’art abstrait en 2017 et un proche avenir à travers des formes géométriques relatives à obtenir une perspective multidimensionnelle, mais aussi pour captiver le spectateur dans profitant des perspectives différentes.


Martin Dansky, a mostly a self-taught artist, has been actively painting since 1977 and since then, has moved through various styles and media with a willingness to explore vibrant, multidimensional, new themes. He has painted in Italy and the Mid-East and has recently moved from being a naïf-figurative to being an abstract painter. His goal is continue abstract art in 2017 and the near future through relating geometric forms to get a multidimensional perspective but also to captivate the viewer into enjoying different perspectives.


       Self taught, followed training at the Il Ponte Gallery for engraving and oil painting from1994-96. I won a second place award commemorating the 800th birthday of Saint Anthony in 1995 for a small formatted oil painting, commissioned by the Church of Saint Anthony on via Merulana, Rome. Certificate course in graphic design at Concordia University completed in 2002. Followed pastel drawing course at the “Galerie Baz-Art” in 2001 and again in 2011 at the with Ateliers d’éducation populaire du Plateau AEP with Michel Tiffet.



  Possess a “naif” style of painting




   Work with; oils, acrylics, china ink, dry point and other engraving.



  Various themes, still life, cityscapes and portraits.



   $250 to $3,000 available to negotiate

                                                                                    ART SHOWS

  • Collective show at “La Pigna” in Rome                       October 1992
  • Private show at “ La Pigna”                                          February 1993
  • At the National Library of Rome                         June 1993
  • At Mostra di Arte Sacra, Cascia Italy                                   July 1993
  • Ciampino Art Show, Italy                                               September 1993
  • “Arpa” show at Torre Bella Monaca                                   December 1994
  • Hosted at Monterotondo,                                                   Italy July 1995
  • Centennial Show at St. Anthony’s Basilica                    October 1995
  • At “Blu di Prussia” Gallery for Christmas                       December 1995
  • Art exhibit during Spoleto Music Festival                       May 1996
  • Art exhibit at St. Augustine in Rome                                   February 1997
  • Exhibit at Harrow’s of London                                             April 1997
  • Art exhibit at “Villa Marignoli” Rome                                  April 1998
  • Organized/Participated in Italian art exhibit in Yemen            May 1998
  • Independent New York Film & Video Festival Art Exhibit          January 1999
  • Photography show at The Saidye Bronfman Center                    March 1999
  • Exhibition at Artus Gallery on the Montreal Plateau                  September 2000
  • Exhibition at Galerie 1040 in Montreal, Canada         December 2000
  • Exhibition on Sherbrooke St Montreal, Canada         February 2001
  • Exhibition at Artus in Montreal                       November 2001
  • Exhibition at Café L’Entretien                      November 2002
  • Exhibition at Artus                                 June 2003
  • Exhibitions at Station C                             2004-2005
  • Exhibition at Galerie 1040                           Mar 2005
  • Exhibition at Brulerie St. Denis                       May 2005
  • Exhibition at Galerie 1040                           Mar 2010
  • Exhibition at Galerie 1040                           Mar 2011
  • Exhibition at Montreal Art Center                     July 2014
  • Photo exibit at Espace Contemporain L’objectif d’une vision  Jan 2015
  • Collective exhibit at Espace contemporain               Apr 2015
  • Collective show with Ester Kanfi at the Montreal Art Center May 2016
  • Art show at Montreal Art Center                       Nov 2017

My work has appeared in private and public companies and is advertised in Italy, Canada,

England and Yemen.